Free NGO marketing resources!

For the NGOs out there that are doing amazing work but who just don’t have the funds to employ a full-time communications or marketing specialist there is hope! Marketing and communications should be a key part of your strategy and cost shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. Both in terms of resources and organisations that are on hand to give you free advice, there is a wealth of useful information out there.

I’ve trawled the web and below is a selection of what I think are some of the best marketing and communications resources for NGOs out there. The list isn’t conclusive though so if there’s anything you’re working on or have spotted in your travels please do drop me a line at marketingngos [at]


An online platform that helps non-profits and NGOs that need help with Google Grants, social media, or SEO by connecting them with volunteers who have a wide range of digital marketing skills.

Focussing primarily on Mainstream media this guide covers everything from establishing media contacts, planning a media outreach campaign to writing a press release.

Getting started the basics of press list creation and maintenance, understanding the media, developing tools for communicating with the press to planning a strategic media campaign.

An outline marketing communications plan that takes you through the key steps in planning from building name recognition and image, recruit and retain members and gain support for you causes and issues.

A Toolkit for Researchers and Civil Society.

  • NPI Connect e-newsletter guide to NGO marketing, 2008

Over three editions this series shows NGO’s how to: Part 1 Developing a Communication Plan. Part 2 Branding Your Program. Part 3 Donor Marketing Requirements

Yours for a small fee:

This in-depth article covers online and media strategies to market programmes, activities and campaigns. It includes online and media strategies, campaigning techniques, social marketing and advice on how to write a press release. Full access to the article is available to members of WANGOYou can purchase a year’s subscription for $30.

This guide to strategic communication planning to explains how NGOs can effectively integrate their projects, awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts by using corporate communications to create, strengthen, or preserve opinion favourable to the attainment of organizational goals among its target groups.

PRICE: £14.99

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